Kalagangotri mysore performed a Kannada Music-dance drama titled “Mysore Mallige” at Shakuntala auditorium of Kannada sangha,Pune on 20th October evening.

This most popular dance-music and drama adapted on the poems of late Dr K.S.Narasimha swamy’s poems which are household in Karnataka.Story also depicts real story of poet who suffered in his life and struggled to survive as a poet but become popular after his death and his songs became house houshold melody in Karnataka.

Arists were felicitated by Vice President,Kannada Sangha Shrimati Indira salian.Dr Rajaram B.v.Director of Rangayan presented Jasmine(Mallige)saplings to Mrs Indira Salian and Shri Ramadas Acharya on behalf of Kalagangotri,Mysore.

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